You Can Take The Girl Out Of Texas…

Carrie Lackey

Photo by Carrie Lackey

Life in Texas bored me and moved at a pace slower than molasses. I was never cut out to be a housewife anyway, you know? I shudder to think how mundane my life would have been had I stayed on that farm to raise those kids (from Doc’s first marriage) that were scarcely younger than myself.

I shed my old shell as LulaMae Barnes for the more glamorous trappings of Holly Golightly and everything that life entailed.

New York was everything I knew it would it would be. No one paid the slightest bit of attention to you unless you wanted them to. And honey, let me tell you about the men. They tripped over themselves to be near me, to buy me things, and take me places I had only read about.

Oh and those lovely little parties in Manhattan…once I met Truman Capote, who wrote a novella (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) based on my life in New York. Like two drunken conspirators we would laugh and giggle about the silly socialites who thumbed their noses at us.

Prime Holly

“Holly,” he said to me once, “Don’t ever let them call you a prostitute. You’re really more of a modern geisha anyway.”


Holly G.


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